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Open Systems Model


The Open Systems Model is based on open systems theory, which perceives organizations as units that interact with their external environment rather than being closed and independent units.

Outline of the Approach

This OA model is thus based on observing the relationships of the organization with its external environment and the factors that compose it.

Find out More

More on Open Systems Model can be discoverd in Cummings and Worley's book entilted "Organization Development and Change," revised in 2008 (9th edition).  The section on Open Systems Model (p.89-106) is available online through Google books: click here to access the relevant pages.  An interesting case study is provided at the end of the chapter.

In its sourcebook entitled "Promoting Institutional and Organisational Development: A Source Book of Tools and Techniques" (2003), the UK Department for International Development (DfID) also provides an extensive list of questions that can be asked to diagnosis your organization based on the open system theory.  Click here to access this list.

The following link from the Free Management Library also redirect to some interesting externals links that talk of organizations as open systems.