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The success of projects, policies, or programs does not depend solely on how they are drafted.  Organizations themselves - including their structure, capacity, motivation, etc. - are as important when it comes to implementing projects, policies, or programs.  This fact has become increasingly accepted in the last decade. Consequently, many organizations, government agencies and not-for-profits amongst them, are being asked to undergo organizational assessments. An organizational assessment (OA) is a methodological process for obtaining information about the performance of an organization and the factors that affect that performance.  The information collected can then be used to diagnose areas of possible investment for change and/or to demonstrate organizational competence to funders. However, only few organizations, including government agencies and not-for-profits, know how to carry out an OA. This website is interested in helping people learn about this process by providing them with effective methods, tools and approaches for assessing the capacity and performance of organizations.

Exploring Organization Assessment through R&L

The "Discovering OA" section and its following pages are aimed at giving you the necessary basic and more advanced knowledge about OA that you need to improve your organizational performance.

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For all visitors who are new to OA, we first suggest you visit our Introductory Guide to OA page to learn more on the definition and processes of OA. Other pages should then be complementary.

Enjoy your OA Reflection and Learning!