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There are many ways of conducting organizational assessments; different models and frameworks do exist in the field.  While most do not aim to provide practical tools, these frameworks do provide multiple theoretical principles and guidelines upon which good organizational assessments should be based.  All of these models are valuable; however, each one represents a different philosophy of evaluation.  We explain four of these frameworks below, starting with the most recent and comprehensive one, Universalia Institutional and Organizational Assessment Model (IOA Model), detailing their rationale and particularities.

Whichever framework you use to conduct your organizational assessment, it is important that you feel comfortable with your selection so that in the end, your organization benefits and performs better.

In this section you will discover the theoretical aspects of organizational assessment. However, the following section, Self-Assessment Tools, gives you access to a comprehensive searchable database of practical concrete tools that you can use to assess your organization, regardless of your level of experience with self-assessment.