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The Foundation of R&L 

The Reflect & Learn website has had several iterations. During the first stage of the website project, Fundación Acceso (a non-profit organization based in Costa Rica) partnered with IDRC and Universalia to develop the concept and create an initial design. Unfortunately, for organizational reasons they were unable to continue on with the project and asked us to proceed. We want to thank Fundación Acceso for their early support and collaboration.


Today, R&L is being supported by IDRC and Universalia.  It is the most comprehensive web-based resource regarding organizational assessment.  The website is being refreshed every two weeks by adding new material, identifying relevant events and monitoring the use of the existing material in order to keep the site updated and interesting to all its visitors. 

Our Long-term Vision

Ours is an organizational and networked society.  As such, we believe that the (e)quality and the results of organizations and their various forms matter. Unfortunately, we have witnessed that too little attention has been paid to developing frameworks and tools that provide holistic feedback for improving organizations. 

Also we believe that improving organizations requires constant work. We are convinced that there is no "silver bullet" for improving the performance of organizations.  Thus, organizations need to learn about themselves and develop the problem-solving skills to transform learning and insight into action.  To take this important step means for organizations to be able to generate systematic and credible evidence about themselves: who they are, how they function, and how well they are performing.  The organizational assessment frameworks and approaches presented on this website is our attempt to help organizations better know themselves.

As such, our vision is to live in a world where organizations and their staff strive to learn how they can be better and contribute to a more sustainable and equitable world - in other words "perform better".  The mission of this initiative is to provide organizations with the best knowledge and tools available which might be useful to organizations as they seek to improve.  We want to place these tools and information at organizational members' fingertips so that they can generate useful information that will enable them to reflect, learn and change.

Also, we - the initiators of this site - are an organization.  We are committed to learning and improving as well.  We need your help!  Help us develop this site in a way that will help you.  In other words, our vision includes developing a community of people who share our passion for making organizations both better places for people to work in as well as providers of goods and services that make peoples better and our earth sustainable.  Join us in this venture!

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