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Drucker Foundation Self-Assessment Tool - Leader to Leader Institute

Type of Tool: 

The link brings you to discover The Drucker Foundation Self-Assessment Tool, which is composed of a participant workbook and a process guide. Both books can be bought online. The Drucker Foundation Self-Assessment Tool focuses on clarifying the mission, client expectations, strategy and performance of the organization. It comes with a clear, structured methodology including guidelines for group discussions and client surveys. The tool will help you improve your organization through answering five important questions: What is our Mission? Who is our Customer? What does the Customer Value? What are our Results? What is our Plan? The tool is best used at the early stages of an organizational assessment when the crafting of a strategic direction is the main priority; it can be most useful in devising action plans. It can also be seen as a support tool for strategic management especially in small or mid-sized NGOs. You might find it useful to consult the rest of the website to see if other resources are of any interest for improving your organization leadership.

Type of Organization: 
Non-profit / civil society organizations (CSOs)
Universalia IOA Model Classification: 
approximately US$60
Size of Organisation: