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Institutional Analysis Toolkit for Safety Net Interventions - World Bank

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Initially designed to be used by the tasks officers of the World Bank or similar institutions, others may adpat this toolkit to their specific purposes. The toolkit provides tools to assess and build the capacity of countries to ensure safety nets. Safety Nets are mechanisms that mitigate the effects of poverty and other risks on vulnerable households. Their effectiveness and efficiency depend on their accessibility, coverage, targeting, and the actual benefit amonf others. All of these elements depend upon the institutional and organizational design and environment of the programs. The 79 pages toolkit provides key questions in assessing and analyzing the organizational/country program and capacity. Part I describes the toolkit's theoretical foundations while Part II contains the actual tools (questionnaires and examples).  A case study also illustrates the toolkit's application and requirement. The toolkit is comprehensive but general; it does not indicate what safety nets should be chosen for any particular country, and it does not reform the country's civil service.

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